Ryan’s Miracle Watch 4/29/21

Spoke with the Urologist Surgeon today, and she walked me through her plan to remove Ryan’s kidney stone. As I mentioned yesterday, she’ll go in through his back and jackhammer the stone, and remove as much as she can during this first go round. She estimates removing anywhere from 70-85%. Ryan will have to stay overnight for observation, and provided there are no complications, he’ll be released the next day. He’ll experience discomfort, but how much is unknown, and since Ryan can’t tell us how much pain he may or may not be in, we’ll have to administer drugs based on close observation/instinct. Another surgery will be scheduled approximately 8 weeks later to remove any stone particles that were not removed the first go round. This will be an in and out procedure…again, provided there are no complications.

We’ll schedule the surgery for the first part of August, or thereabouts, as surgeries are backlogged for a couple of months due to COVID. STUPID COVID!!

Please continue to pray for Ryan’s comfort until then, and afterwards. Also, that God would miraculously make the stone disappear, so no surgery will be needed. Wouldn’t that be something?

Ryan’s Miracle Watch 4/28/21

I spoke with Ryan’s doctor this morning, and it turns out he’s got a kidney stone the size of a small pocket knife. He’ll have to undergo surgery to remove it. It’s a weird procedure where they go in through his back and “jackhammer” (The doctor’s words. I did ask him to explain in layman’s terms) it to pieces and suction out those pieces. I’ll find out more tomorrow, as I’ve got a video conference scheduled to find out more about the procedure and what to expect. In the meantime, I continue to pray for Ryan’s comfort…which, by the way, God’s been granting him.

Ryan’s Miracle Watch 4/26/21

Most people don’t, but I like Mondays. Monday is the day I get to watch Ryan for two shifts…16 hours. As you know, he got his second COVID shot last Saturday. And, he’s shown no signs of discomfort as a result. The only discomfort today was from all the pollen in the air. He was coughing and sneezing a lot. And, so was I. We both took a little Benadryl. I don’t take medicine very often, so the Benadryl made me a little drowsy. I can only imagine how drowsy Ryan must feel with not only the Benadryl, but with all the other meds he takes as well…

Ryan’s Miracle Watch 4/25/21

Ryan got his 2nd COVID shot yesterday. Once again, he slept through the entire outing. Praise God, he hasn’t displayed any of the symptoms others claim they’ve gotten after their second shots! I can only hope/pray that I have the same non-reaction to the shot I’ll be getting this week…and the next a few weeks from now…

Ryan’s the Man!!

Ryan’s Miracle Watch 4/21/21

We found out just a couple of days ago that one of Ryan’s nurses will be leaving us on May 1, so we’re scrambling to find a replacement. Had meet-and-greets with a couple of good candidates today, but not sure if either will be able to cover all of the open shifts. Please pray God will send the right person for Ryan; and quickly. We know He will!

Ryan’s Miracle Watch 4/20/21

Turns out Ryan has a kidney stone. Poor guy. At least we know what it is. Now we just have to figure out how to treat it. Apparently, it’s not that bad, because we aren’t scheduled to have a consult until next Wednesday…not tomorrow…Please pray for Ryan’s comfort until he is relieved of this latest malady…Thank you!