Ryan’s Miracle Watch 4/10/21

Didn’t post anything yesterday, because I had driven up to Mt. Shasta and back, and was extremely tired. It also didn’t help that I took a little sleeping pill to help me actually get to sleep. I don’t sleep very well (never really have), so every once in a while I take something to allow me to really sleep. It works…for me, anyway. I don’t believe her, but Janine says I fell asleep in my chair whilst eating a back of nuts. The nuts in and around my chair seem to confirm her “theory”, but I’m still not convinced. On to other matters: Ryan is doing well…again, and as always, despite his circumstance. He didn’t miss me yesterday…just like non of you missed me either. Wait! Am I talking to anybody? Even if I were (which I’m not sure I am), I wouldn’t be able to confirm it. At my age, it’s hard to confirm anything these days. Regardless, I will thank whomever is listening for their continued love and support of my son…Thank you!

9 thoughts on “Ryan’s Miracle Watch 4/10/21

  1. Hello Bret,
    I know it doesn’t ever look like I’m listening, but I catch a few of your pearls now and again. 😃
    A belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! to you! I hope you had an amazing day. Love and prayers for you all (especially Ryan, cuz, well, you know, you’re there all the time…😉)
    being sent your way always. ❤️
    Take care.


  2. Bret,

    You asked if anyone was listening.
    I can only imagine how many people follow your posts and pray for Ryan, you, Janine, Jacob and your extended family.
    Your posts are inspirational, informative, prayerful and humorous sometimes. When you post a verse from scripture it is often just the reminder I needed They are always a reminder that God is loving, powerful, present, faithful, forgiving, and so much
    May He continue to bless Ryan and Ryan’s family and friends.
    In his Grace,


  3. Bret,

    For what its worth I think of you all at least weekly. You are all troopers.

    I’ve always admired your parents and their kids.

    Be well.



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