Ryan’s Miracle Watch 4/13/21

I’ve heard back from a few of you, that my responses to your messages are not going directly to your email address. I always assumed they were. If you go back to the posts where you commented, you will (should) see them there. I apologize if you’ve ever felt ignored because you haven’t seen my response/s. I’ll look into getting it fixed…but, because I’m not great with technology, won’t make any promises. That said, THANK YOU for all of the comments you’ve replied to. It means a great deal to me (and Ryan) that you care enough to take time out of your busy days for us.

With the rise of pollen in the air, Ryan’s needed extra doses of Benadryl to help curb his allergies. Unfortunately, Benadryl causes him to sleep, and I miss interacting with him. I’m sure, however, he doesn’t mind, because he sees me all the time…and no kid wants to hang around their parents (or, at least me) all day every day…

Please pray for the pollen to subside so Ryan can get back to life without the side effects…

4 thoughts on “Ryan’s Miracle Watch 4/13/21

  1. Hi Bret,
    I pray everyone is doing well. I look forward to all your post and understand the time you don’t post anything (very few times). You and Ryan are an encouragement to all of us, especially to those who trust Jesus. Also you have a great sense of humor. Praying for rain to calm down the polen and always for Ryan’s full recovery. God bless!


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