Ryan’s Miracle Watch 4/18/21

Ryan would like to wish his mother a very happy birthday on her actual birthday…today!

Tomorrow, we’re taking Ryan in for a CAT scan to see what may/or may not be wrong with his urinary tract. He’s displayed some discomfort recently, and we want to make sure nothing “major” is wrong. Other than some displayed discomfort, he shows no other symptoms; i.e. temp, heart rate, O2 sat level…nothing out of the ordinary.

I really wish he could, at the very least, talk to us to tell us how he is feeling. It would make things so much easier to be able to help him. That was an obvious statement…

Please pray the CAT scan shows something…anything…so he can be treated properly. Showing nothing would only mean we’d be in the dark, and would have to start guessing…or run other tests.

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