Ryan’s Miracle Watch 4/29/21

Spoke with the Urologist Surgeon today, and she walked me through her plan to remove Ryan’s kidney stone. As I mentioned yesterday, she’ll go in through his back and jackhammer the stone, and remove as much as she can during this first go round. She estimates removing anywhere from 70-85%. Ryan will have to stay overnight for observation, and provided there are no complications, he’ll be released the next day. He’ll experience discomfort, but how much is unknown, and since Ryan can’t tell us how much pain he may or may not be in, we’ll have to administer drugs based on close observation/instinct. Another surgery will be scheduled approximately 8 weeks later to remove any stone particles that were not removed the first go round. This will be an in and out procedure…again, provided there are no complications.

We’ll schedule the surgery for the first part of August, or thereabouts, as surgeries are backlogged for a couple of months due to COVID. STUPID COVID!!

Please continue to pray for Ryan’s comfort until then, and afterwards. Also, that God would miraculously make the stone disappear, so no surgery will be needed. Wouldn’t that be something?

2 thoughts on “Ryan’s Miracle Watch 4/29/21

  1. Bret,

    My mother was bedridden the last 8-10 years of her life.

    She had a large “staghorn” stone. It was not discovered soon enough for a desirable outcome.

    Good wishes,



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