Ryan’s Miracle Watch 6/9/21

Twas very windy today. Stirred up a lot of pollen. Made me sneeze; enough to take allergy med. Not Ryan, though. He’s tough.

How is it that the “gh” si pronounced differently in these two words (in bold). I admire people who’ve learned English as a second language…or 3rd or 4th…or whatever number it is down their list…or any other language other than their native one. I’ve tried learning Spanish (supposedly one of the more simple languages) on a few different occasions, and have had a difficult time figuring out whether or not a word is supposed to be feminine or masculine. Nowadays, it’s even more difficult, since the distinction between masculine and feminine has been diluted into thems and theys and…

Then there’s Ryan. Kid speaks Spanish relatively fluently. Perhaps it’s just me. No, IT IS just me. I’m a dummy…

Ryan is tough, though. And, the thought of it is rough on my brain; so much so, that smoke is coming out of my ears. I ought to go to bed now…

Speaking of ears…didn’t Van Gogh cut his ogh?

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