Ryan’s Miracle Watch 12/2/20

Matthew 5:8   Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. The pure in heart are those who are free from evil desires and purposes. They can see and experience God’s presence because they are free from self-righteousness and arrogance. This is something to definitely strive for…and practice; especially if you want to see the miracles happening around you. Easier said than done, however…

Ryan’s Miracle Watch 11/30/20

Ryan was awake from the moment I walked into his room this morning, until the time I handed him over to the swing shift nurse. And, he was very attentive when I spoke to him…attentive meaning he looked at me when I was talking to him. What parent doesn’t want that from their kids, huh?Woo Hoo!! It’s Christmas Month Eve!! The Christmas lights are up outside Ryan’s room, and tomorrow they’ll be lit for him to enjoy. I’d say others could enjoy them too, but we live in a secluded area, where nobody can really see them…and/or anything that goes on here for that matter. Don’t know whether that’s a good thing or not…but we like it. Sleep well world! And, for those of you who are just starting your day (or whatever fraction of the day it is where you are), live well!

Ryan’s Miracle Watch 11/29/20

Ryan’s happy to report his grandpa was released from the hospital today, and is now resting safely at home. He’s very weak, however, from all the medicine they pumped into his body. Fortunately, nothing was broken from his fall…just a few cuts and bruises. A little of grandma’s makeup should do the trick…probably not the first time he’s used her makeup…ha ha! He’s not as fit/able as he once was, and is in need of prayer for strength. Grandma can use prayer for strength as well; strength to take care of grandpa…Thank you for your continued prayers for our family! You are loved and appreciated more than we could ever express…xoxo

Ryan’s Miracle Watch 11/22/20

I encourage anyone to strive to do your very best to anyalyze and try your hardest to produce  a good outcome in any situationl, Use honesty and good character to see results you might not anticipate. Lift others up. Teach and support then. Together you can achieve more as a team than as an individual.

Ryan’s Miracle Watch 11/20/20

GIFT   noun: a thing given willingly to someone without payment; a present.   Think about the anticipation/excitement of opening a gift; and especially the feeling of euphoria that comes over you when you find out it’s something you really really want. Now, think of that in the context of every day is a gift from God…Thank Him for the day when you go to bed at night, and thank Him when you wake up in the morning…